Billing-related Inquires

Hauppauge Location: (631) 444-9600

Tech Park Location: (631) 444-9970

Hospital location: (631) 444-9570

Insurance Accepted By Location Service

For the most accurate information on what your insurance will pay for, please consult your insurance carrier.

Need Health Insurance?

Do you or anyone in your family need health insurance? Would you like to know if you are eligible for no or low-cost health insurance? If so, call Stony Brook Medicine's HealthConnect® at (631) 444-4000 to have a Child Health Plus/Family Health Plus Enroller contact you.

Our Enroller will:

  • Describe the Child Health Plus, Family Health Plus, and Medicaid programs' benefits;
  • Help determine your eligibility for these health insurance programs; and
  • Assist you, if you are eligible, in completing your applications for these programs.

Your Hospital Bill

Click here to view an example of a Stony Brook Medicine bill. As you roll your cursor or mouse over the bill a description of each section will appear. If you have received one of these bills and have questions about it, you can call (631) 444-4151 during office hours (Monday - Friday, 8 am - 6 pm).

Prior Approval and the Pre-Authorization Process

If you have managed care insurance and wish to be seen at Stony Brook Medicine, you must obtain a referral from your Primary Care Physician. Some services, for example Radiology and Therapy services, may require pre-authorization from your insurance company prior to your patient visit, test or procedure. You should refer to your insurance handbook or speak to your insurance carrier regarding pre-authorization policy and procedure.

Financial Assistance

If a patient does not have medical insurance or has a substantial balance after an insurance payment, Stony Brook Medicine has an internal financial assistance program available. The discount applied is based on income and number of dependents. For further information call 631-444-4331.

Contact Customer Service

You may contact the Customer Service deparment by calling 444-4151 during office hours (Monday - Friday, 8 am - 6 pm).

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