Clinical Trials

The Heart Institute's physician-scientists are committed to excellence in research, in order to find new and better ways to treat heart disease -- all part of our commitment to excellence in patient care.

We currently are performing a variety of clinical trials to evaluate the effectiveness of potentially new improvements for the management of patients with heart disease. Our goal is to give patients the opportunity to participate in such trials without long-distance travel.

Participation in our clinical trials is always completely voluntary, and never interferes with the normal standards for patient care.

Our clinical trials enable us to use, in addition to established diagnostics and therapies, the newest and most advanced technologies and treatments -- long before they are available to other physicians.

Patients participate in our clinical trials only after they receive a complete explanation of their options from their cardiologist or surgeon.

For information about our current clinical trials, please visit our online trial pages listed below, which are organized in terms of different kinds of heart disease and management strategies:

Acute Myocardial Infarction


Cardiac Imaging

Coronary Artery Disease

Heart Failure

Prevention of Heart Disease

To learn more about our clinical trials, please call 1-631-44-Heart.

The Stony Brook Heart Institute - Research

Basic & Translational Research

Our physician-scientists are committed to patient-focused "translational" research, to the process of bringing problems to the research lab and translating the knowledge discovered there into improved patient care:

Enhancing Arteriogenesis to Create Biologic Bypass